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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy & Massage
Webster & Rochester, NY

Reinventing The Healthcare Model!

Wellness 360

Discover unparalleled patient-centered care at Wellness 360 Physical Therapy and Massage, your trusted physical therapy clinic. Our expert team is dedicated to your well-being, offering cutting-edge physical therapy services tailored to your unique needs. 

Physical Therapy

Immerse yourself in the health benefits of our medical massage therapy sessions, delivered by skilled and licensed therapists. Elevate your fitness journey with our invigorating group fitness classes, designed for all levels of experience. Wellness 360 is committed to fostering a community where health and vitality converge. Explore our comprehensive services and join us on the path to a healthier, happier you.

Additional Services

Rochester Ataxia Foundation

Ataxia Program

Our Mission

The Rochester Ataxia Foundation (RAF) is committed to raising the dollars necessary to engage research communities in seeking a better understanding of causes, and ultimately, a cure for inherited ataxia.

The Rochester Ataxia Foundation will continue to advocate for improved diagnosis, care and treatment for individuals in the Rochester area and in the northeast United States and will work to raise public awareness of inherited ataxia.




Learn how to decrease your stress using breathwork and meditation techniques.  

Wellness education

Educational Seminars

We love to talk about what we do!  Reach out if you need a speaker for a health related group or event.

Caregivers Support group


Our Caregiver's Support group is one of a kind! We have a group of Caregivers that are uplifting and supportive. Our Caregivers have the resources, experience, and understanding needed to guide each other on the unpredictable path

We will change the way you view your fitness program! 

Your diagnosis does NOT define you, but it does change the way we approach your fitness goals. 

Wellness 360 fitness offers Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Specialized Classes designed to support an individual’s health and wellness goals, disease diagnosis, and disease management.  We understand that the presence of disease will make your fitness needs unique. 

We truly believe that when prescribed correctly, EXERCISE is MEDICINE. 

Meet the Team

Our Specialized Physical Therapy and Massage Team Serving Monroe Co, NY

At Wellness 360 Physical Therapy and Massage, our team will provide you with patient-centered care.  We ensure that your physical therapy needs will be met with our one-on-one treatments.  Our focus is getting you back to doing the things you love to do!

Wellness 360 Team

Our specialized staff are licensed, certified, and fully trained in multiple disciplines, including Parkinson's disease, pelvic floor PT, massage therapy, Performing Arts, lymphedema and more.  When you are in need of specific care, Wellness 360 Physical Therapy and Massage can provide a range of options to maximize your healing.

Marty Weber, NY

The " team " at Wellness 360 has been a personal savior for me. The term Parkinson's was scary. However, Rock Steady Boxing has proven that sweating, pushing it to the limit, and commitment can help. All smiles do these young ladies provide; yet they work us hard so that we can easily see improvement and most importantly feel better. 

Barbara Zimmerman, NY

Wellness 360 has been a blessing to us!! Lindsay and Beth help our Parkinson’s warriors to be the best they can be. They also acknowledge the caregivers which is so special! Thanks for everything you all do, over and above your job!

Lynn Wilmarth, NY

I can’t say enough about Lindsay and Beth and the services they provide. They strike a perfect balance in the fitness classes by pushing and challenging us, while at the same time showing modifications and patience to those struggling.

Meet our Affiliates 

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