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360 Fitness

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360 Fitness Beginner** 

This group class is designed to challenge our beginner-level participants with a mixture of

  • Strength

  • Balance 

  • Posture

You will be encouraged to work at your own pace with options for higher and lower level challenges at every circuit. This class is open to anyone

**Requires a baseline evaluation prior to participation.

360 Fitness Intermediate**

This class focuses on circuit style training with an emphasis on building total body, functional strength. 

  • Increase core strength

  • Improve posture

  • Challenge your balance

This class is open to anyone with any diagnosis
**Requires a baseline evaluation prior to participation.

360 Fitness on Zoom
You can join our 360 Fitness Intermediate class in the comfort of your home via Zoom
*Initial Evaluation is required prior to starting the class!
Time:  Tuesdays at 1 pm & Thursday's at 10am

Join Class by Clicking here
Class ID:  422 408 5336
Passcode:  wellness

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Join us 3 convenient ways

Studio Class*

*During the Pandemic, in-studio classes may have restrictions

First Class? 
An initial evaluation is required to enjoy the great benefits of our group fitness classes.  Schedule now!

Call:  585-259-0782  or


Intermediate classes are provided in-person, or via zoom

First Class? 
Schedule your initial evaluation now!  
Call:  585-259-0782 or

Wellness Plus+

All of the best evidence-based exercises right in the comfort of your home!

  • Easy access

  • Evidence-based exercise

  • Modifications per your diagnosis

  • Minimal equipment

  • Subscription purchase

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