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Balance and Fall Prevention

Balance and Fall Prevention

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Maintaining your body's ability to stay balanced decreases your susceptibility to falls.

Balance is so much more than standing on one foot! Good balance requires multiple systems to work together. 


  • Lower extremity muscles need to be strong and flexible

  • Core muscles need to be engaged to keep you upright

  • Postural muscles need to respond to dynamic forces

  • Balance has to be challenged to improve!

It sounds complicated, but our expert Physical Therapy instructors make it safe and fun! We incorporate balance exercises into several of our 360 Fitness classes. We also have an online Balance and Fall Prevention class. If you are experiencing frequent falls, our recommendation would be one-on-one Physical Therapy. With regular practice, you can expect to feel more agile, and more sure of yourself in all of life's situations.


Read in our Blog how falls contribute to a greater risk of future falls.

Physical Therapy

Our Team offers one-on-one balance and fall prevention Physical Therapy treatments and classes.  These treatments and classes involve:

  • Gait Training

  • ​Strength Training

  • Postural Therapy

  • Proprioception Training

  • Dynamic and Static Balance

  • Agility Training

  • and more!


Physical Therapy is insurance based and begins with a diagnosis. Wellness 360 reviews your diagnosis and evaluates your movement capabilities to develop an individualized Balance plan. Our Physical Therapy treatments are all one-on-one, with dedicated Therapist attention to only you, during each session.

If you have medical challenges keeping you at home, ride issues, or other home-bound circumstances, our Wellness 360 Mobile Outpatient Physical Therapy is an option for you.

Group Fitness Classes

Wellness 360 Physical therapy and Massage
Wellness 360 Physical therapy and Massage

Wellness +Videos On-Demand

The videos in this service involve evidenced-based exercises. They use minimal equipment. This resource is in your control, to be used ‘on-demand!’ Review more information about our Wellness + Videos On-Demand.

Express your interest in improving your Balance through our Contact Page.

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