Bone Health Wellness Program

**Your safety and health is our #1 concern.  During the COVID-19 Pandemic our in studio classes will be conducted via zoom or video links.

If you have an Osteoporosis diagnosis or you are looking to keep your bones strong and healthy...this is the class for you!!  Did you know that having an Osteoporosis diagnosis should completely change the way you workout?  There are many safely concerns and important ways to improve your bone density.   

This class is full of evidence based exercises to improve your bone density, improve your posture, and to improve your balance.  This class can be modified to any fitness level.  

 Each session includes:

Strengthening specific to your bone health, Postural focused exercise, and balance to keep you enjoying the activities you love.   



There are 2 ways to join in the fun!

1.  Join us In Studio

Set up your initial assessment


2.  Online Subscription

We take all the elements of our in studio class and program them into twelve 60 minute sessions per month.  All you have to do is commit to 3 x week, the plan is created for you!  With the online subscription you have access to our Mindfulness program which will allow you to delve deeper into meditations and mind/body practices

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