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Chronic Pain

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Do you experience joint pain? Stiffness? Did you know that most Back and Neck Pain can be treated with appropriate core strengthening, postural corrections, and consistent stretching? Exercise is a success factor in lessening the debilitating results of joint pain and stiffness. Read about types of exercises which will have an impact on your life.

Physical Therapy

Wellness 360 Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy staff is ready to guide you through specific treatments for Chronic Pain. They are specifically trained in:

Wellness 360 offers in-clinic Physical Therapy held at our 2 locations, Webster and University Ave. If you have medical challenges keeping you at home, ride issues, or other home-bound circumstances, our Wellness 360 Mobile Outpatient Physical Therapy is an option for you.

Physical Therapy begins with an evaluation and is covered by most insurance plans.

Group Fitness Classes

For patients with Chronic Pain, post Physical Therapy, we provide cost effective self-pay exercise classes to continue to reduce your pain. Restorative Yoga is one class example, which can increase the quality time in your life!

In addition to movement classes, our staff leads Mind-Body Programs. Stress is reduced and diseases are managed through these techniques.


We also offer Massage as another Chronic Pain negating tool. Read more. Massage can be instrumental in preventative care as well.

Wellness +Videos On-Demand

For our truly committed self-motivated clients, we offer videos to use at home, on-demand. These videos are evidenced-based exercise and require minimal equipment.

We look forward to your expression of interest about how we can support you through your Chronic Pain.

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