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Yoga for Posture

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 Our Yoga for Posture series is specifically designed to improve posture. It provides a gentle flow to create better body awareness, breath efficiency, and postural strength while minimizing strain on the spine. This class is helpful for those with scoliosis, osteoporosis, and general back or neck pain. Its focus is to improve balance and flexibility and foster greater bone strength. Join us to learn simple skills you can use on your own to feel:

• Greater confidence in your body

• Improved body awareness

• Greater peace of mind and reduce anxiety

These classes are made to be RELAXING and SAFE, providing a variety of yoga poses and simple breathing exercises.

An initial evaluation is required for the Yoga for Posture class.  Please call 585-482-5060 to set up your evaluation

Class Details

Class Times:

Mondays & Wednesdays at 5 to 5:50 pm

Location:  Callan-Harris Physical Therapy 

1328 University Ave, Rochester

Evaluation Required?:  Yes

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 Educates participants on how to work with their bodies to create better posture and alignment, ease of movement, and less pain

Wellness + On-Demand

Wellness 360 patients take advantage of our videos which can be accessed on their own personal time schedules - - on-demand! These videos are evidence-based based and a plus is the fact that they require minimal equipment to execute the exercises.

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