Low Back Pain Wellness Program 

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Low back pain is the #1 reason for disability in the U.S.  We realize that low back pain can halt your life!  This is why Wellness 360 makes this a priority in our workout programs!  Our low back pain program takes the guessing out of your exercise routine.  All of our exercises are evidence based exercises to improve your mobility, flexibility, and build that core strength that is needed to get you through your day to day activities with less pain and discomfort. 

 Each session includes:

  • Foundation exercises to learn how to stabilize your back

  • Mobility exercises to improve your flexibility

  • Core strength exercises to improve your posture and support your low back. 


As a bonus feature with our program you will have FULL access to our Mindfulness program to decrease your stress levels.  It is proven through research that a daily practice in meditation can decrease your chronic pain by up to 50%! 


​Online Subscription

Join us for our Low Back Wellness program online.  This program will give you all of the tools to build the appropriate foundation to start any exercise program!  Just commit to 30 minutes a day!  




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