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Low Back Pain Wellness Program 


Low back pain is the #1 reason for disability in the U.S. We realize that low back pain can halt your life! This is why Wellness 360 makes treating your back pain a priority! We offer Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Exercise Wellness programs for low back pain. 


Beth Parry, PTA, LMT is a Certified Sacroiliac Joint Specialist, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Physical Therapist Assistant.

How to access our Low Back Program



Yoga Therapy is a great way to gain flexibility, improve core strength, and improve your posture. This is a cash-based service and can be completed in-person or via Zoom. Have it individualized or practice in a small group.

Email to set up your appointment.

Sacroiliac Joint Treatment through Massage Therapy

Set up an appointment for a session of Myofascial Release. Sacroiliac Joint Treatment through Massage Therapy Myofascial Release is a gentle manual technique that releases the fascial layer of tissue and decreases your back pain while improving your posture.  


Wellness Plus+ On-Demand

Enjoy the same great evidence-based exercises in the comfort of your own home. Why our online program?


  • Evidence-based exercises written by a Physical Therapist

  • Low monthly cost 

  • New video uploads each month

  • Access to all of our great online programs

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