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Mindfulness is the art of paying attention to the present moment on purpose without judgment.  We believe that combating stress and changing your perspective of your circumstance can have a significant effect on your disease management. 


At Wellness 360 Physical Therapy and Massage, we treat the need to build Mindfulness as significant as our techniques to combat other diagnoses.

Mindfulness Class

Our Mindfulness Class focuses on Jon Kabat-Zinns's theory of present-minded thinking, free of judgment.  In our 8-week program, we will discuss how the body reacts to stress, and we will learn tools to manage your stress levels.  Multiple studies show that stress can create disease, chronic pain, and magnify disease symptoms. 


This class is located in 2 locations: 

  • Webster Rec Center Senior Program (1350 Chiyoda Dr, Webster)

  • Wellness 360 Webster Location (191 W Main St, Webster)

This program is not an ongoing class.  If you are interested in participating in a class, please contact Beth at

Yoga Therapy

Yoga is a perfect complement for Mindfulness. Wellness 360 Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy offers Yoga classes and in-person one-on-one Yoga Therapy to prepare you to participate in Yoga classes. For further explanation: 

Wellness +Videos On-Demand

While participating in a Wellness 360 class focused on Mindfulness, you can expect to reduce your stress and ultimately better manage disease. We make you aware of your own stress triggers and teach you in-the-moment thinking. You will ultimately be able to apply stress reduction techniques to better manage the stress you feel today, and into the future. Ultimately, you avoid the long-term harmful effects of stress.

Read about the two classes from which you can choose: Mindfulness Classes and Online Wellness Plus + On-Demand

In addition to videos, we offer a Mindfulness Workbook. This independent study guides you through the understanding and management of stress, judgment, patience, mind focus, stress, enjoying the moment, acceptance, and letting go. The study involves reading succinct notes and challenging you to think and practice in different ways. This workbook keeps on giving, too! Each time you review the content, answer the questions, and practice breathwork and meditation techniques, you will shift your body more toward health and happiness.

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Begin your Mindfulness journey

We look forward to your expression of interest about how we can support you during your Mindfulness development.

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