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Have you received a Neuro-Rehab diagnosis? If so, Wellness 360 Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy has services to support you in your health journey: Physical Therapy, Mobile Outpatient Physical Therapy, In-Person Exercise Classes, Wellness + Videos On-Demand, and Resources for Caregivers.

Physical Therapy

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Wellness 360 Physical Therapy services are performed on a one-on-one basis. One of our Physical Therapists will attend to you, without interruptions. We will work with you to improve your Neuro-Rehab status.

Mobile Outpatient Physical Therapy

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Our Mobile Physical Therapy is based in your home, for ease of your access. This Therapy is the same evidence-based Physical Therapy we perform in our studio and we bring the needed equipment to you! Neuro-Rehab is one diagnosis which fits well with our Mobile Physical Therapy.


Wellness 360 delivers in-home Physical Therapy throughout Monroe County and into the Town of Ontario. You can even combine in-home and on-site Therapy at one of our locations. We accept insurance and you do not need a prescription during the first 30 days of treatment.


Refer to questions answered here.

Exercise Classes

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We can support your Neuro-Rehab needs through our studio classes. For example, we offer Rock Steady Boxing at two locations - - Webster and Rochester. The boxing exercises will tap into the brain’s ability to form new neuron connections. Read more.

Before selecting your exercise classes, we need to conduct an assessment of your needs. Contact us to schedule your initial assessment.

Wellness +Videos

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Experience our evidenced-based exercises for Neuro-Rehab patients as your schedule permits. Wellness + Videos On-Demand require minimal equipment, too. Click here to view the ease of identifying your Neuro-Rehab workouts, styles, levels, and more!

Caregivers Resource

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Your Caregiver’s role is a very important contributor in your Neuro-Rehab quest; therefore, Wellness 360 needs to offer Caregivers support, as well. Click to view the following resources for Caregivers: national, state, and local nonprofit organizational support delivered locally; medical equipment and assistive devices; bed mobility; nutrition; medical transportation; care for Caregivers; nursing home safety; health plans, legal services, treatment options; activity ideas.


In particular, we would like to draw your attention to the Rochester Ataxia Foundation (RAF). Ataxia is a movement disorder and this foundation is committed to raising research funds, advocacy, diagnosis, care and treatment of those who have inherited ataxia. Read about Wellness 360 involvement

We look forward to your expression of interest about how we can support you during your Neuro-Rehab. 

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