Osteoporosis Wellness Program

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The goal of this class is to: 

  • Build bone strength

  • Improve your Balance

  • Improve your Posture.

This class provides evidence-based exercises written and led by a Physical Therapist.  It includes all of the safety modifications needed for an Osteoporosis diagnosis.  This class can be modified to any fitness level.  Need an Osteoporosis diagnosis to join?  Nope!  This class is great for anyone looking to improve their strength.

Join us 3 convenient ways

Studio Class

*During the Pandemic in-studio classes may have restrictions

First Class? 

An initial evaluation is required to enjoy the great benefits of our group fitness classes.  Schedule now!

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Classes are held every 

Tuesday at 9:30 A.M.

First Class? 

Schedule your initial evaluation now!  

Email:  Info@wellness360fitness.com

Wellness Plus+

Online Subscription

All of the best evidence-based exercises right in the comfort of your home!

  • Easy access

  • Evidence-Based Exercise

  • Minimal Equipment

  • An initial Free Lifestyle Wellness Consultation with an online subscription purchase

  • New video uploads each month