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Friends Working Out

Challenge your Osteoporosis diagnosis with strength training. It keeps bones strong, stimulates metabolism, and produces long lean muscles, improving your day-to-day functions. Read why strength training is an essential part of building your bone strength.

Group Fitness Classes

Combat your Osteoporosis diagnosis and join one of our Wellness 360 classes. These classes focus on building functional strength, improving balance, and improving posture. 

We also know how to modify the class based on your fitness level, and your medical needs. Just like we do for our Physical Therapy patients, we offer the same great evidence-based exercises in your home. This service is covered under your health insurance, too! Read more

Wellness +Videos On-Demand

Feeling independent and self-motivated? We have videos on-demand to keep up your consistent strength training regimen.

Now that you are in-the-know about the value of strength training, consistency should be your focus. Consistency of strengthening exercises improves strength, bone density, and balance. Our On-Demand Video system provides you with a guided experience to strength train in your own home!

Review the Bone Health Calendar to plan your training.

We look forward to your expression of interest about how we can support you through your Osteoporosis management. 

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