Parkinson's Wellness Program

The Parkinson's Wellness Program is ideal for any clients diagnosed with Parkinson's disease or Parkinsonisms.  Each exercise we prescribe in our group, individual and online programs is based on the latest research in exercise and Parkinson's.  Certain exercises are better at tapping into the brain's ability to form new connections. 

We know what works! 

Read more about why exercise is so important and why the best time to start is right away.

We have options for all fitness levels and all stages of Parkinson's disease.

How to Join our Classes 

Initial Assessment: This is done by appointment with one of our neuro specialist PTs.  During this appointment we will establish baseline measurements to monitor progress as well as set individuals goals.  Our specialists are trained to recognize all symptoms of Parkinson's and offer solutions to help you live an active life.



**Initial Evaluation required prior to taking classes. 

Please email to schedule your initial evaluation

**Zoom Classes are available for those not wanting to participate in in-person classes 

Classes available 

  • Rock Steady Boxing

  • Strengthening

  • Mind-body Fusion

physical THerapy

Specialized Physical Therapy: 

This is an option for our clients who want a more intensive approach.   Lindsay Perez, PT is certified in LSVT Big and PWR!Moves making her the leading Physical Therapist in the area for treating Parkinson's disease.  

You can schedule your initial evaluation with Lindsay Perez direct by emailing her at: or 

Call: 585-469-0201

***Home visits are available under certain circumstances.  


Wellness Plus+ Program

All of the same great evidence-based exercises in the comfort and convenience of your own home.  

Our Online program includes

And the consult of our Physical Therapist anytime while you are a subscriber. 

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