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What is Parkinson's Disease? Parkinson's disease is a complex disease affecting motor and non-motor movements in the body. Wellness 360 offers a variety of programs in support of patients with Parkinson’s Disease. 

A variety of emotions are experienced with a Parkinson's diagnosis. Read about the road to optimism and hope.  Want more support for your Parkinson's Symptom's?  Click below to access our Parkinson's Resource Center thanks to the Parkinson's Foundation. 


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Parkinson’s Physical Therapy

Our Parkinson's friends are a good match for Wellness 360 Physical Therapy because our treatments are all one-on-one and individualized. Our highly trained Physical Therapists have specialized certifications for working with people with Parkinson's Disease. Working with a Physical Therapist with specialized training ensures you will get the most out of your treatment sessions.

Life with options is good! Wellness 360 would like to offer you location options to engage in Physical Therapy at our Webster or Rochester location, or in your home (Mobile). Read about our Mobile option.

Our Physical Therapists work within the guidance of the Parkinson's Wellness Recovery method (PWR). This method is a series of exercises designed to break down functional tasks into smaller pieces that the body can relearn. The movements focus on:

  • Restoring upright posture

  • Decreasing rigidity

  • Improving weight shifting to improve balance

  • Improving the body's ability to take a large and effective step when turning

Our specialized therapists are certified PWR Moves Therapists. If you are having difficulty with daily tasks at home or just want to move throughout your day with greater ease, give Wellness 360 a call to schedule your PWR evaluation!

Schedule today by calling 585-259-0782 or emailing.

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Wellness 360 has collaborated with Flower City Speech Connections, a group of Rochester-based Speech-Language Pathologists. Flower City Speech Connections specializes in treatment for post-stroke and Parkinson’s disease. Flower City Speech Connections offers skilled therapy after discharge from home care and/or short-term rehabilitation. Their team are providers of SPEAK OUT! for Parkinson’s disease and have found that providing person-centered care can genuinely help our clients reach their goals.

If you have any questions regarding how a Speech-Language Pathologist can help you achieve your goals, please contact Lynn and Emily at 585-371-8118. 

Parkinson's Wellness Program
, NY


Group Fitness Classes

One thing we know for sure, as a Parkinson's patient, you need to move. In fact, three to five high intensity exercise sessions are recommended weekly. Peek at how 'high intensity' is defined.

Our group fitness classes are led and designed by Physical Therapists. Each class is written specifically for those with a Parkinson's diagnosis and backed by science. 

Rock Steady Boxing*:

Ever dream of being a Boxer? Our Parkinson's Wellness Program includes nationally recognized Rock Steady Boxing classes. Here is more information:

The mission of Rock Steady Boxing is to improve the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s Disease through a non-contact, boxing-based fitness curriculum: strengthening, balance, and agility. We call this class ‘Bee Relentless.’ A Parkinson's diagnosis and prior evaluation is required to participate.

*This class is held at Wellness 360 in Webster and at Webster Rec.

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& Webster

Parkinson's Dance Class**:

This class is a great way to get up and get moving to great music. Studies show that dance can greatly improve gait, balance, and cognitive function. Caregivers and spouses are encouraged to join! You must have a Parkinson's diagnosis and evaluation to participate.

**This class is held at Callan-Harris Physical Therapy, 1328 University Avenue, Rochester.

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Ready to take advantage of what Wellness 360 classes have to offer? Find out how to take the next step:

Call 585-259-0782 to set up your evaluation

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Wellness + Videos On-Demand

Our Parkinson's clients benefit from our on-demand videos which can provide instruction in your home! View:


Caring for a Parkinson's patient? We have many trusted resources which we would like to share with you. Click to view:


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