Caregiver's Self-Care: Social Support

As a Caregiver, you play a vital role in the lives of your loved ones. Too often, your own self-care gets overlooked. Finding support is essential in caring for yourself. Some Caregivers have family support; others may not have family accessible. Caregiver isolation is a real challenge and often happens when you do not have respite support. You are not alone! There are many Caregivers in our community that share the same struggles and have the same situations. Regardless of the diagnosis of your loved one, a Caregivers role share many similarities. Burdening your loved ones with your problems can be bothersome. Sometimes, you do not want to talk with your family. Finding the right social group is key in helping you maintain your sense of identity outside of your caregiver role. When you connect with a support network of people with similar situations to yours, you can express yourself without fear of judgment and criticism. You know that the group is processing similar circumstances. You don’t have to explain or justify how you feel. Wellness 360 sees you, we hear you, and we are producing multiple ways that you, the Caregiver, can find the support needed for your own self-care.