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Caregivers Guide: Urinary Incontinence

People diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease can suffer from bladder difficulties. The most common symptoms experienced by people diagnosed with Parkinson's are the need to urinate frequently or the trouble delaying urination once the need is perceived, creating a sense of urinary urgency. Who knows these problems best?? Caregivers. We asked and you answered. Here are some great resources and tips on bladder issues.

Tip #1 If your husband or wife has difficulty with urine control. We found that Depends pull-up with Depend Guard pads is very helpful! You can easily replace the guard if wet without taking off the Depend.

Tip #2: If using disposable diapers for your loved one, Akord makes an odorless diaper pail for adults that is nice looking and very effective.

Tip #3: Through much trial and error, Northshore is the best online company to purchase many products for incontinence. They offer many products.

Tip #4: Always carry a "travel bag" wherever you go which includes a urinal (if male), extra diapers, wipes, trash bags, and vinyl gloves.

Tip #5: If your husband gets up several times during the night to urinate, it goes a lot faster if you help him stand at the side of the bed and use a urinal. You'll get back to bed in 3-4 minutes vs 10-15 minutes.

Hopefully, these tips are helpful to make your life a bit less stressful. At Wellness 360 we strive to support the whole process of disease management. We care for you caregivers! If you have any additional tips, please email them to


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