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Day # 18: Stretch out those hips

Your hips are an important stabilizing joint. Athletes and those who workout regularly know the feeling of having tight hips. It can manifest through decreased ROM, power, or performance. Tight hips can cause low back pain and discomfort in your knees. But you do not have to be an athlete to suffer from tight hips. It is also extremely common in those who sit a lot throughout the day. The difference is when you are an athlete, your hips are tight from strength training. Sitting all day causes muscle imbalances and muscle weakness causing an increased risk of injury or chronic pain. Your hip flexors become overly tight, and your glutes and core are weak and unable to stabilize your pelvis. Regardless of the reason, tight hips can cause low back pain, sciatica, and decreased hip ROM for daily activities. Either way, it is important to find that balance between strength and flexibility to have a healthy range of motion in your hips for safe and efficient patterns of movement. Here are some great exercises to help open up those hip muscles to improve your range of motion.

Leg Swings

Side Lunges

Hip Flexor/Hamstring Stretch



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