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Full Circle Wellness with Wellness 360

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

What defines true wellness? A common misconception is that wellness means free from disease, but it is much more than that. Wellness means to strive to enhance your quality of life through personal growth and lifestyle changes. It is building resilience to enable you to thrive amongst life’s challenges. Wellness 360 strives to support the multi-dimensional process of wellness.


Focusing on physical wellness allows us to take better care of ourselves and others. You do not need to be free from disease or illness to start a safe and effective exercise routine. Studies show that regular physical activity will not only manage the symptoms of most diseases, it helps sustain the energy and vitality needed to stay actively immersed in everyday living. Exercise has been shown to:

· Improve bone health

· Slows cognitive aging

· Fights fatigue and improves energy

· Improves mobility and balance


Social wellness can be achieved by surrounding yourself with positive people to connect with and build supportive relationships. Having a strong social network will help you heal, keep you accountable, and significantly decrease your stress levels. Finding a group of people to share your life experience has been shown to:

· improve your immune system

· improve your cardiovascular system

· help to respond better to life’s stressors.


Stress is an everyday part of life but living with a diagnosis or being a caregiver will significantly increase your daily stress. Living in with chronic stress will negatively impact your overall health. Adopting a mindfulness practice will:

· Significantly decrease chronic pain

· decrease anxiety and depression

· improve overall sense of well-being

At Wellness 360, we support all dimensions of wellness. We offer multiple group fitness classes based on your fitness level, diagnosis, and overall goals.

Each class is written and led by a health care professional. Each participant will have an evaluation through GVPT to ensure that the exercises are safe and effective based specific to your needs. Let Wellness 360 guide you on your journey to improved health and wellness.


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