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Rock Steady Boxing Re-opening Plan

Yes, we are re-opening. We can do this with the help of each of you! Please follow these rules carefully to keep the safety of all of our staff and participants! Classes are limited due to COVID restrictions so you MUST sign -up! We will be very strict on our no show policy!

Dates and locations Starting 9/23/20

Beth will continue to teach the ZOOM classes as scheduled

  • EMPIRE Level 1/2 Wednesday's 10:30-11:30  {Lindsay}

  • EMPIRE Level 3/4 Wednesday's 12:00-1:00 (Lindsay)

  • GREECE Level 1/2 Thursday's 9:00-10:00 {Jess}

  • EMPIRE ALL Levels Saturday 10:30-11:30 {Lindsay}


-Class size capped at 9 so pre-registration is absolutely required.  Registration instructions are included.  If you have forgotten your password please email Lindsay.  

-24-hour cancellation policy will be in effect because of the limited class size.  Late cancellations will be charged a class.

-We ask that you show up on time and NOT early.  Please bring the bare minimum into the room with you as we have done away with the shared locker areas.

-There will be small cubbies stationed around the room for you to keep your water bottles.  This way we will be as spread out as possible when we take water breaks.

-Masks WILL be required throughout the workout.  We will have the exterior doors open at both locations so you can step outside if you need a mask break!

-Please wash your hands right before coming into the gym.  Please also help the coaches by spraying down your equipment and toweling off your area.

-It goes without saying but it doesn't hurt to repeat...if you are sick, even if it's just the sniffles, please stay home!

-We will honor any classes purchased prior to shutting down!  The visits may be expired and showing up as not available when you try to register.  Just email me and I will reactivate the classes you purchased.

-Small groups are still an option if you'd prefer to do a solo session or a three-person group.  If you are currently in a small group but would prefer the flexibility of the classes just let me know so I can find a replacement for your group.

We are excited to start welcoming everyone back!  With masks, hand washing, and diligent cleaning we can keep each other safe and get things back to normal-ish!

Lindsay & Beth, Your Wellness 360 Team!


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