Stronger Core in 4 Weeks: Week #3

Our core is the foundation of all movements. We need to build a strong core so that all of our day to day activities can be completed safely. Functional core training is about power, strength, and stabilization. Core muscles create a solid base for your body, allowing you to stay upright and stand strong on your two feet. The abdominal muscles play an essential role in the movement of every plane of motion. It controls twisting, bending, lateral flexion, and many additional motions. Multiple injuries can occur if your core is not strong with daily functions like lifting and twisting. Injuries can occur with your back, neck, hip, and knees. A weak core can cause issues with your gait pattern, running form, and posture. Having a balanced exercise program is key to a good core workout. Making sure you are

hitting all of the different muscles. I prefer to teach my exercises in a neutral spine. This means no extreme flexion or extension. As we age, arthritis and slipped/herniated disc are common. Not to mention, if you have an Osteoporosis diagnosis or risk of fracture. These neutral postures are safe for most diagnoses. There are diagnoses where rotation is beneficial, but it is specific to the diagnosis. So for this format, we will stick to safe exercise for the multitude. If you would like more specific exercises for your particular diagnosis, you can set up an evaluation for you. Just contact us at

Let's talk a minute about posture. Our bodies are meant to work with gravity to stand and sit. When you are in a good position, your body does not need to exert energy to stand upright. When we sit at our computers all day, drive, read, write, etc., we end up with a forward head and rounded shoulders posture. For every one inch your head sets forward, it adds an extra twelve pounds to your head. This causes a great deal of stress to the muscles in your mid-back. Having a strong core is essential for your posture. Holding chronic postural imbalances lead to chronic neck and back pain. While core strength is an integral part of your workout, doing it correctly is more important. Doing crunches all day only encourages that forward posture position and can eventually lead to back pain, not to mention potential fracture in some.

This week we are going to do some functional core strength. This means our exercises will transition into your day to day life. Click here to start your week #3 core workout.

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