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Stronger Core in 4 Weeks: Week #4

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

This is it! You have made it to week four! Don't you feel accomplished? I know I do. Now is the fun part. We need to incorporate these exercises into every week forever! Just like any workout, it is never over in four weeks. Consistency is the key to any great workout. Your body will get used to these exercises, so this week, we learn how to advance some of the exercises we have already completed. Here are some great ways to get your core workout in.

Balance Training:

If you are in a balance challenged position, your core is working. Your core is the foundation of your balance. As we age, our eyesight worsens, our hearing is challenged, and our proprioceptors can be thrown off from injuries or neuropathy. Core strength is a great way to compensate for these losses. Balance training is like any other exercise program. The more you practice, the better it gets. Start with your feet in a heel-toe position and work your way up to more challenging things like a single leg stance. Then add some motion. Balance training can be fun if you make it!

Use weights:

Any exercise gets harder when weights are involved. You can use ankle weights or dumbbells. Just be careful you do not drop them on your head! Today we will show you how to incorporate weights into your core routine. No weights at home? Use a water bottle filled with rocks or sand. You can also use a bag full of canned foods.

Add Movement:

We learned the right way to complete a plank. Now let's try adding some movement. You can hold a plank and foot movements, or hand movements to make it more difficult. Not ready for that quite yet? Try lowering yourself closer to the floor. Move from the wall to the chair, or the chair to the floor. If you are on your knees, pop up into your feet. You can also add time to your planks. We started at 10 seconds. Increase your hold times and decrease your rest breaks to make the plank more difficult.

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