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Week #3 Core exercises

Let's start some functional core training. Not everything in life is one dimensional, including the fibers of our muscles. These exercises will challenge your balance while building core strength in every core muscle, hitting every fiber! If balance is an issue for you, make sure to grab a chair to hold for security.

Clock Taps

Standing facing forward, bend Right knee slightly. Take Left foot forward, side, back, and across the body. Try not to tap down between each position. Repeat 5X's through on one leg then repeat on the other side.

What to watch for:

  • Use a chair for balance if needed

Tipping Bird

Facing your chair. Standing on your Left leg, tip your body forward and tap the chair. Your head should line up with your foot in a straight line. Keep the abdomen tight to protect your spine. Repeat 10X on each leg

What to watch for:

  • You should have NO back pain. Stop and rest if any occurs.

  • If balance remains an issue, you can stand at the side of your chair to hold onto the back of the chair for support.

Down dog into knee under

Find a plank position. Press back into a single leg downward dog. On your next inhale, pull your right knee into your chest tightly and press right leg back into a single leg down dog. Complete 5xs on each leg.

What to watch for:

  • If the floor is too difficult for you, start with an elevated surface like a chair.

Repeat all exercises 3xs through. Remember, if it does not challenge you, it won't change you!!


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