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Wellness Plus+ Online Subscription Plan

Programs: 6 Wellness Programs Plus a *Bonus program

Parkinson's - Osteoporosis - Joint Health - M.O.V.E. - Low Back - Balance & Fall Prevention

** Bonus Mindfulness

Average Duration: 15 min - 60 min

Props Needed: Light - Medium Dumbells, Mat, Chair

Difficulty: Modified for ALL levels of fitness

Access: Any computer, phone, or tablet



Get fit, stay fit, or manage your diagnosis with these great wellness programs! These programs are designed and led by Physical Therapists with YOU in mind. Each class uses evidence-based exercises to prevent, reverse, or manage that particular diagnosis. Not used to working out? Not a problem. Each class is modified to meet any fitness level. Do not want to get on the floor? Not a problem. Each class is designed with modifications to complete exercises seated, standing, or on an elevated surface like a bed. Why do these programs surpass the competition?

  • Each program is written & led by healthcare professionals.

  • Each Month new videos are available. This keeps it new and fresh, working toward your goals!

  • One LOW monthly cost of $34.99

  • Access to all of our Wellness programs! You do not have to choose one!

  • You can workout from 15-60 minutes a day! You choose what fits into your lifestyle!

  • Minimal space or equipment needed!

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