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Wellness Visits: Focusing on life-long disease management.

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Picture this: you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic or progressive condition like Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis (M.S.), osteoporosis, etc. Your doctor recommends you begin physical therapy to help maintain your function, slow progression and keep symptoms at bay. You find a physical therapist you love, making functional gains and feeling great! But suddenly, you run out of visits covered by your insurance and have to stop going. This happens all the time and can be extremely frustrating!

Recent studies have shown that people with chronic and/or progressive conditions receive greater benefits from long-term physical therapy (6 months or more) than “bursts” of 6 weeks of therapy with a discharge to a home exercise program. Unfortunately, contrary to new studies and most current research, insurance companies do not always see the value in long-term disease management through exercise. This can sometimes mean that after a certain number of approved visits, patients are forced to end therapy services, which often leads to a decline in mobility, lost gains achieved in physical therapy, and the need to start from scratch when they are able to resume therapy services.

But what if this didn’t need to happen? What if you could keep working with your physical therapist even when you run out of approved visits?

It is well known that Wellness 360 offers many classes run by their physical therapists that allow you to continue your fitness journey, but not everyone enjoys group classes. So what if you’re not a group class person? What if you have specific goals you still want to work towards?

Wellness 360 also offers Wellness sessions. These sessions are 1-on-1 with licensed physical therapists/physical therapy assistants, just as your appointments would be through insurance. However, Wellness sessions are cash-based, taking insurance out of the equation. This means deciding to start and end services is all up to you!

Through these 1-on-1 wellness visits, you can continue working on your specific fitness and functional goals with the insight and assistance of a physical therapist. Whether your goals are to get stronger, improve your balance, maintain the ability to golf or join your friends for a game of pickleball! We are able to help through our Wellness session options!

At Wellness 360, our therapists are specialized in managing all neurologic conditions, orthopedic rehab, and osteoporosis management. We can offer specialized wellness sessions to improve your balance or improve your daily functional task. It's up to you! Interested in getting started with us? Making your appointment is easy! Just give us a call at 585-259-0782 or email

We offer 3 convenient locations!

  • Webster (191 W Main St)

  • Rochester (1328 University Ave)

  • In your own home with our Mobile Physical Therapy

Wellness 360, where YOU are the only focus of your treatment!

Want to learn more about Wellness 360 services? Check out our website:


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