Parkinson's Wellness Program

**Your health and safety is our #1 concern.  During the COVID-19 pandemic all in studio classes are on hold.

The Parkinson's Wellness Program is ideal for any clients diagnosed with Parkinson's disease or Parkinsonisms.  Each exercise we prescribe in our group, individual and online programs is based on the latest research in exercise and Parkinson's.  Certain exercises are better at tapping into the brain's ability to form new connections. 

We know what works! 

Read more about why exercise is so important for people with Parkinson's and why the best time to start is right away.

We have options for all fitness levels and all stages of the disease.

In Studio

Initial Assessment: This is done by appointment with one of our neuro specialist PTs.  During this appointment we will establish baseline measurements to monitor progress as well as set individuals goals.  Our specialists are trained to recognize all symptoms of Parkinson's and offer solutions to help you live an active life.

Specialized Physical Therapy: This is an option for our clients who want a more intensive approach.  The option to consult with a PT is available at any time during the program.

Group Classes: After the initial assessment clients can begin group classes right away.

Rock Steady Boxing: Traditional boxing drills such as punching the heavy bag, shadow boxing and foot work drills to combat the symptoms of PD.  Unlike traditional boxing gyms, out one hour classes also work on voice activation, dexterity, balance and posture to ensure every aspect of the disease is addressed.  Multiple levels available.

High Intensity Cycling: High intensity exercise done on a stationary bike.  This class emphasizes pedaling at 85-95 RPM, the speed proven to decrease PD stiffness and tremor.

Balance and Agility: All elements of balance are addressed in this class.  Static and dynamic as well as core strength and postural control

Online Subscription

The online version of our PWP combines all of the benefits of our classes into a plan you can execute at home. 

We take all the elements of each class and plan it out into a 3 x per week program. 


Each workout will have some high intensity work combined with core strength, balance and posture!

All you have to do is commit to 60 minutes 3 x week!

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Our specialized PTs are available for consult at any time to our online subscribers.

Spinning Class



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