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Mind-Body Programs

How to Access These Classes

Mindfulness Classes

Our Mindfulness Classes are taught in  8-week sessions. We focus on breathwork, meditation, present moment thinking, and more stress reduction techniques. For more information on times, topics, or if you are interested in joining one of our 8-week sessions, please contact Beth.

Follow our YouTube Channel for meditations and mindful motion by clicking below.


Wellness Plus+

Our online programs give you access to all of our in-person classes in the comfort of your own home. Our Wellness Plus + program has multiple meditations and mindfulness lessons to access at your convenience. Please click below for more details.

Image by Conscious Design

Our Mindfulness class is based on stress reduction and disease management. These classes educate on bringing awareness to our stress triggers, how to pause and use present moment thinking, and how to apply stress reduction techniques to decrease your stress levels. These classes give you the tools you need to build resilience for day-to-day stressful moments while preventing the long-term harmful effects of stress.   

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