Frequently asked questions

Can I access more than on program on Wellness Plus?

YES! In fact we encourage you to explore the other programs we have available. The balance program, low back/core strength and Mindfulness videos are excellent compliments to our other programs.

Some of the exercises are too hard/too do I substitute?

Email Lindsay and Beth at You have access to our expertise by email at any time! If you need more in depth advice, we can set up a video call and really customize your experience!

I need to change something on my account like my credit card or plan type.

Please email us for any and all account updates! It has to be done from our end and we are happy to help!

The videos are too small or won't play.

You can make the videos full screen by clicking on the arrow in the top right corner of the video. We have also found our clients have the best luck using Chrome for their browsers when playing the videos.

I signed up but am not getting the verification email!

So frustrating...we know! Emails ending with or are very slow to receive verification emails. The work around...go to the login screen and hut the password reset button. You will get an email with directions to reset your password and this works as an email verification. Feel free to email us for help on this one!



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