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Wellness + Videos

Online Workout

Evidence-based exercise at home with minimal equipment!

Returning Clients: Click Button to Access the Video Library

How to use the Wellness Plus+ Program

Use the Filters 

Choose the style of workout through the filters.  Create your own workouts by searching your diagnosis, styles of workout, level of workout, and more...



Parkinson's clients can use the filter to search all the videos we think are helpful to people with Parkinson's.

Want to build core strength?  Just use the filter to navigate to all the videos that will help build your core muscles.

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Use Our Calendar

Need help putting your workout together?  You can use the calendars below for a customized workout.  Just follow along and pick a video from each of the categories in the box.

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Parkinson's Calendar


Osteoporosis/Bone Health Calendar


M.O.V.E. My Bariatric Diagnosis
Motivating Others Via Exercise 


Balance Calendar

_Low Back Pain.png

Chronic Pain/Low Back Pain Calendars


Mindfulness Workbook

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