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Senior Chair Yoga

Our Chair Yoga class is a great class for seniors wanting the benefits of yoga, but the safety of the chair.  This 45-minute class stretches the whole body using breathwork to guide your motion.

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When:  Every Friday at 10:45 am

Where:  Webster Rec Center
(1350 Chiyoda Dr, Webster)

Who:  This class is led by Beth Parry, co-owner of Wellness 360

**Cost:  FREE

**you will need to join the senior lunch program through the Webster Rec Center.  It is free to join, just paperwork.  See Beth for details

Register By Calling The Webster Rec Center at (585) 872-7103

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Yoga with Kaitlyn

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Do you feel like you need more personal attention before jumping into a yoga class? Consider scheduling a one-on-one yoga therapy session. Kaitlyn helps individuals:

  • Struggling with increased stress

  • Suffering from chronic pain

  • Lacking balance in life

Through a combination of yoga and mindfulness skills, you'll learn how to reconnect to your body and release that tension you've been holding onto. Get more quality time out of your busy life.

Call Kaitlyn for a free no-risk phone consultation (585) 200-7209.  

Group Yoga with 

Our group yoga class is held every Monday at 5 pm at the Wellness 360, Webster Location (191 W Main st, Webster).  

It will be a mix of stretching, strengthening, asanas, breath, and rest.

You'll leave feeling centered and relaxed. No yoga experience is required, just an open mind!​

**No evaluation or diagnosis is needed for this class

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