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Fine Motor Skills

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Wellness 360 Fine Motor Skills Class is designed exclusively for adults seeking to enhance their fine motor skills; our classes offer a unique blend of engaging activities, expert guidance, and a supportive community.  Each class will integrate a variety of skill-building activities, making day-to-day activities easier and more manageable.  This class is only held one time a month. 

  • When:  First Thursday of the month

  • Where:  Wellness 360 at CHPT (1328 University Ave, Rochester)

  • Time:  1 pm

  • Instructor: Lindsay Perez, MSPT 

Class Details

Class Times:

First Thursday of The Month

Location:  Wellness 360 on University

1328 University Ave, Rochester

Evaluation:  NO

Wellness + On-Demand

The videos in this service involve evidenced-based exercises. They use minimal equipment. This resource is in your control, to be used ‘on-demand!’ Review more information about our Wellness + Videos On-Demand.

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