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Caregivers Resource Page

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We care for you, our Caregivers. If you are looking for local resources, tips, and support, read the information we have prepared, below.

Caring for Caregivers Event

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Quarterly, we invite Caregivers with a loved one with a Parkinson's Diagnosis to join us at Wellness 360 for an evening of appreciation. This is not a support group. These are events where your loved ones are cared for and you can spend an evening enjoying good food, entertainment, and good friends!  

These events are always FREE for all caregivers.



Express your interest in attending our next Caregivers' event.

Support Group

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When:  The last Tuesday of each month
Time:  4-5 PM
Where:  Webster Rec Center, Chiyoda Drive. 
This will be open to all caregivers whether or not you are part of Wellness 360. Feel free to invite a friend who may be in need! Unable to leave your spouse or loved one alone? No problem!  Bring him/her along where they will be able to socialize in the large game room, complete with a TV, pool table, foosball, ping pong table, and large comfortable chairs.  Caregivers will meet in a separate room across the hall from the game room where we can enjoy a cup of coffee while sharing our experiences.

Please consider coming to get the support we all need.

Parkinson's Foundation

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From early cognitive change and mild cognitive impairment to dementia, cognitive changes look very different from one person with Parkinson’s to another. Our free online course will walk care partners through different stages of cognitive decline.

Homepage | Parkinson's Foundation

As a caregiver, it can be difficult to recognize changes that occur slowly in the person with Parkinson’s over time. If Parkinson’s symptoms begin to significantly affect mobility, memory or thinking skills, it may be time to consider if it is still safe for your loved one to perform tasks that he or she once did easily as part of the daily routine

Homepage | Parkinson's Foundation

Medical Team

Hospital Action Plan

As you already know, getting diagnosed with
Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a life-hanging experience.
What you may not know is that people with Parkinson’s disease are admitted to the hospital 50 percent more than their peers. And, once admitted, they typically
have longer hospital stays.

Homepage | Parkinson's Foundation

Modern Smart Home

Home Safety Tips

Parkinson’s disease (PD) symptoms often impact daily life. From mobility challenges — such as PD-related tripping or “freezing” episodes that can lead to falls — to vision changes. Adapting your home to create a safer environment can lower the risk of PD-related injuries and keep you aging in place.

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Parkinson's Foundation Safety Kit

At the Parkinson’s Foundation, it is our mission to help people with Parkinson’s disease live better lives, and that includes staying safe while in the hospital.We help people with PD be “Aware in Care,” which means they:

  • Understand the risks associated with hospital stays.

  • Have tools to play an active role in their care.

  • Are prepared for a hospital visit, whether planned or unplanned.

  • Have a plan to get the best possible care in the hospital.


Cognition is the act of mental processing. There are many aspects of cognition: thinking, understanding, learning,
remembering, problem solving, language and more. Why are we talking about cognition in a book on Parkinson’s disease (PD)? Because about 30% of allpeople with PD report changes in their memory and thinking ability.

Homepage | Parkinson's Foundation

Life Span

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Local Contact:  Katy Allen, 

Pronouns (she, her, hers) 

Division Leader Caregiver Services

Lifespan of Greater Rochester 

585-287-6369 Office Direct

Haircut Smiles

This is a regional non-profit serving Monroe and surrounding Finger Lakes counties in NY.

Image by Erik Mclean

What is your Emergency Plan? 

What would happen if YOU, the caregiver, were to be injured or suddenly unavailable? What would happen to your loved one? This emergency plan was shared by a caregiver from our friends at LifeSpan. Click below to print your emergency plan. Keep one in a prominent location (like your fridge) to direct the EMS to your full emergency plan. 

Oasis Senior Advisor 

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  • We are a FREE service that provides experienced, professional help in finding the "right" senior living community.

  • Help guide, simplify and understand the process and what to expect and look for in the perfect housing situation.

  • We take the burden of finding a senior housing option off your shoulders by handling all of the research and matching services for you.

  • Provide a personalized list of local housing options that will best meet your specific needs

  • Setting up tours at each community you select, and then going with you until you've found the "right place," and you feel confident with your choice.

  • We also offer a number of resources for seniors and their families so that you can feel fully prepared and confident in your senior housing selection. 

Holly Crocker COTA/L, CFPS
Senior Living Advisor, Oasis Senior Advisors 

Rochester, NY

Phone:  585-729-4848  

Email: Website:

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Medical Transportation 

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WASPS (Webster Association of Senior Program Supporters) is a group of volunteers who provide transportation for retired and disabled residents who live within the Webster School District. We help to get them to and from medical and dental appointments and for other health-related trips such as to pharmacies, as well as banks, barbers, hairdressers, and tax preparation services.


Medical Transportation​

Need a ride? Thanks to our Friends at LifeSpan, a ride is just a call away.  LifeSpan has put together an amazing list of local places that can give you a lift to your medical appointments. If you would like to speak with someone from Lifespan about more resources and support, check out our link below!

Respite Care

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Local Contact:  Katy Allen, 

Pronouns (she, her, hers) 

Division Leader Caregiver Services

Lifespan of Greater Rochester 

585-287-6369 Office Direct

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New York State Caregiving and Respite Coalition supports all people engaged in caregiving and is dedicated to quality and accessible respite for all ages, conditions, and disabilities.  

Please click below for information on your $600 reimbursement money for respite services. 


Respite Care

Respite is planned or emergency care provided to a child or adult with special needs, in order to provide temporary relief to family caregivers who are caring for that child or adult. For more information on how to find and choose respite care, click below.

Medical Equipment

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Here is a great resource for medical equipment. A special thanks to our friends at LifeSpan for researching and compiling these resources!

Image by Nathan Waters

Comfort Linens

Specialty sheets and attractive sleepwear to improve independence with bed mobility for the Parkinson's Diagnosis.  

Legal Team

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Judge's Table

Nursing Home Abuse Guide

Nursing home abuse is a horrifying reality happening in our communities and affecting our senior citizens. When we place our elder loved ones in a nursing home, we expect staff members to treat them with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. 

Comforting Hands
Simmons Hanly Conroy
Caregivers have one of the most important and challenging jobs. In addition to managing your own well-being, you may find yourself responsible for daily tasks such as administering medications, handling financial affairs, organizing appointments, and dealing with medical and legal professionals. The lawyers at our firm are committed to helping families and caregivers affected by mesothelioma and asbestos-related diseases.


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Man Sleeping

Caregivers Guide to 

Bed Mobility

Caregiving can be exhausting. When evening arrives, rest is the best medicine to restore and renew your mind and body. Here are some tips to make your bedtime routine less stressful.

Eating Time

Caregivers Guide:  Eating with Ease 

Being a caregiver can be a tiring job. You are trying to care for your loved one and trying to find the right solutions to ease your day-to-day stressors. When you feel all alone in the world, you can rest assured that you are not alone! Our Caregivers guide will help you solve some of your problems without needing to spend time on Google.  Rest your mind; you are in a community of support!