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Caregivers Resource Page 

This page is devoted to our caregivers.  As time goes on, we will add local resources, blogs, and information to support

your day to day needs.  

Caregivers Resources


A regional nonprofit serving Monroe and surrounding Finger Lakes counties, NY.


We are passionate about connecting seniors and their loved ones with supportive assisted living communities that offer the care and services that allow older adults to age gracefully and independently.

Medical Equipment

Here is a great resource for medical equipment.  A special thank's to our friends at LifeSpan for researching and placing this great resource together! 

What is your Emergency Plan? 

What would happen if YOU, the caregiver, were to be injured or suddenly unavailable?  A car accident, heart attack, stroke, etc.  What would happen to your loved one?  This emergency plan was shared by a caregiver from our friends at LifeSpan.  Click below to print off your emergency plan.  Keep one in a prominent location (like your fridge) to direct the EMS to your full emergency plan.  

Taxi Driver and Passenger

Medical Transportation

Need a ride?  Thanks to our Friends at LifeSpan, a ride is just a call away.  LifeSpan has put together an amazing list of local places that can give you a lift to your medical appointments.  If you would like to speak with someone from Lifespan for more resources and support check out our link above!

Respite Care

Respite is planned or emergency care provided to a child or adult with special needs in order to provide temporary relief to family caregivers who are caring for that child or adult. For more information on how to find and choose respite care, 

Click Below


National Association of Area Agencies on Aging

Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) around the nation provide direct support to caregivers, primarily through the National Family Caregiver Support Program, which was created in 2000. Services include respite care (temporary supervision of the care recipient to provide rest for the caregiver, which is the most requested service); individual counseling and support groups; caregiver education classes/training; and emergency assistance.

Healthy at any age

Retire Guide

An estimated 34.2 million Americans provide unpaid care to an adult age 50 or older. If you’re a caregiver, it’s important to understand the coverage and benefits Medicare can offer you and your loved one.

Judge's Table

Nursing Home Abuse Guide

Nursing home abuse is a horrifying reality happening in our communities and affecting our senior citizens. When we place our elder loved ones in a nursing home, we expect staff members to treat them with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. 


Mobile Physical Therapy


Wellness 360 is now offering a mobile outpatient physical therapy service. This means you now have the option to do your physical therapy service in our beautiful Webster clinic or at your own home!

Caregivers Guide:  Eating with Ease 

Being a caregiver can be a tiring job. You are trying to care for your loved one and trying to find the right solutions to ease your day-to-day stressors. When you feel all alone in the world, you can rest assured that you are not alone! Our Caregivers guide will help you solve some of your problems without needing to spend time on google. Rest your mind; you are in a community of support!

Eating Time

Caregivers Guide to 

Urinary Incontinence 

People diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease can suffer from bladder difficulties. The most common symptoms experienced by people diagnosed with Parkinson's are the need to urinate frequently or the trouble delaying urination once the need is perceived, creating a sense of urinary urgency.

Caregivers Guide to 

Bed Mobility

Caregiving can be exhausting. When evening arrives, rest is the best medicine to restore and renew your mind and body. Here are some tips to make your bedtime routine less stressful.

Support Group

In-Person Caregivers Support Group 

Next Group Meets on Tuesday, October 26th

These past 18 months have resulted in very few opportunities for us to get together face-to-face to give and receive support from others who know exactly what we’re facing.  All that can be rectified starting September 28th!


We will be meeting In-Person starting in September!

When:  The last Tuesday of the month starting in September.

Time:  4-5 PM

Where:  The Webster Rec Center on Chiyoda Drive. 


This will be open to all caregivers whether or not you are part of Wellness 360, so feel free to invite a friend who may be in need.  Unable to leave your spouse or loved one alone?  No problem!  Bring him/her along where they will be able to socialize in the large game room, complete with a TV, pool table, foosball, ping pong table, and large comfortable chairs.  Caregivers will meet in a separate room across the hall from the game room where we can enjoy a cup of coffee while sharing our experiences.

Please consider coming to get the support we all need.

Support Groups

Bonus Material:  Assistive Devices

Gait Belt 

Gait Belts are great for safely transferring our loved ones and preventing falls.  Join Rachel Burger, PT, DPT teach you how to use your gait belt correctly. 

Wellness 360 now offers Mobile Physical Therapy

Evidence-based exercises in the comfort of your own home

Walker Use

Join Rachel Burger, PT, DPT learn how to set up, break down, and correctly use a standard and front-wheeled walker.

Wellness 360 now offers Mobile Physical Therapy

Evidence-based exercises in the comfort of your own home

How to use a Quad Cane

Join Rachel Burger, PT, DPT in teaching you how to correctly use a quad cane. 

Wellness 360 now offers Mobile Physical Therapy

Evidence-based exercises in the comfort of your own home