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Activity Ideas For Caregivers

Needing to find activities to do for your loved one? Here is a great list of things to do to improve cognition and fine motor skills or just to keep busy. This list was written as a group effort by our Wellness 360 Caregivers.

1. Planting seeds in jiffy pots & tend to them. Kitchen window herb gardens would

work great!

2. Hammer small nails into a piece of wood, like an old 2x4 - my grandkids loved


3. Sit on a stool and weed the garden

4. There are some cool free apps for memory games on the iPad or phone

5. Building with Legos or Lincoln logs

6. Buy a few cheap wooden birdhouses and let him/her paint them

7. Baking cookies with supervision!

8. Using cookie cutters to cut out playdough cookies

9. Large coloring books

10. Stacking dominos

11. Using binoculars to bird watch. There are books to help identify birds you find!

12. Getting those plastic magnetic letters and spelling out words.

13. Highlights or other activity books with simple crossword and word search


14. Scavenger hunts: “go find something blue,” “find something your wear” “find

something you find the fun,” and “where we keep food cold”. There are ideas on Google too!

15. Pick a letter and name as many objects as you can, beginning with that letter.

Scategories has a game with a 26 letter “die” so you can role and pick different

categories or make up your own to keep it simple.

16. Head to Michaels Arts and Crafts or Dollar Tree-lots of kits to choose from


17. Make small bags with fine motor tasks. (Beads to put on a string, paperclip to

hook together, etc)

18. Jig Saw Puzzles

19. Paint by Numbers

20. Folding clothes to help with household chores

21. Tenzi-fun dice game where you have to try and get all your dice to match. You

can race each other or give your partner different combos to try and match.

For more tips and tricks to ease the burden of caregiving, please check out our Caregivers Resource page at Caregivers Resource | Wellness 360 fitness.

We also host a variety of events to support our Caregivers, such as

  • Caring for Caregivers Respite Events

  • Caregivers Support Group

You do not need to be a participant in our Wellness 360 services to take advantage of our wonderful support!


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