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Pelvic Floor PT

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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is a specialized kind of physical therapy to treat pelvic floor dysfunctions. It is a non-surgical treatment option to address common dysfunctions such as urinary problems, pelvic, abdominal, and low back pain, organ prolapse, sexual dysfunctions, prenatal and postpartum care.


Pelvic floor therapy may focus on strengthening, relaxation, manual therapy, exercises, and education, all depending on the specific condition being treated. Your PT would evaluate your symptoms and perform an internal/external exam to get a full understanding of your condition. An internal exam would allow your PT to assess the pelvic floor muscles, which cannot be palpated regularly as the majority of your muscles can be. Do not worry, though, if an internal exam is not something you would like done; your PT can work with you on your symptoms without performing any internal work. Your therapist will help to explain anatomy, plan of care, and your treatment plan to address your pelvic floor dysfunction.


Pelvic pain and conditions can affect anyone at any age in life! Do not let it hold you back from living your life to the fullest. If you are experiencing these types of symptoms, give us a call to set up an evaluation. A referral may be required by your PCP, OB/GYN or urologist.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, Wellness 360 does accept most insurance plans.

Wellness 360 does an initial verification of your insurance benefits as a courtesy to you, however it is your responsibility to monitor your benefits and provide accurate and up to date insurance information.

Do I need a script from my Medical Doctor?  

No, in most cases, you do not need a script from your doctor to set up your initial evaluation for PT. In NY, you are allowed ten visits or up to 1 month of PT visits without a script. This is called Direct Access. We will be in direct communication with your doctor about your treatments. In some cases, you will need a script. Please call 585-259-0782 to find out if you can participate in Direct Access.  

How do I schedule? 

You can schedule in 3 easy ways! 

Give us a call at 585-259-0782 (Webster)

Or 585-482-5060 (University Ave)

Email us at

Fill out our contact form.

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