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Wellness 360 and RAF Partnership

The Physical Therapists at Wellness 360 specialize in working with clients with movement disorders. 


We pride ourselves on our unique methods to help our clients improve and then maintain their health.


We can provide traditional services in our Webster clinic or come see you in your home!


We believe in developing lifelong relationships with our clients. 

We support our clients after they are formally discharged from physical therapy by providing continued virtual and in person wellness options.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Do you accept insurance?

Wellness 360 does accept most insurance plans. Your financial responsibility will be dependent on your insurance plan. Wellness 360 will call and confirm your financial responsibility before your treatment. 


Do I need a script from my Medical Doctor?  

No, in most cases, you do not need a script from your Doctor to set up your initial evaluation for PT. In NY, you are allowed ten visits or up to 1 month of PT visits without a script. This is called Direct Access. We will be in direct communication with your Doctor about your treatments. In some cases, you will need a script. Please call 585-259-0782 to find out if you can participate in Direct Access.  

How do I schedule? 

You can schedule in 3 easy ways! 

Give us a call at 585-259-0782 (Webster)

Or 585-482-5060 (University Ave)

Email us at

Fill out our contact form.

Rochester Ataxia Foundation

Welcome to our Ataxia Physical Therapy Page

Follow along with our Physical Therapy team from Wellness 360 for evidence-based exercises in the comfort of your own home! 

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

If you would like more, we are now offering Mobile Physical Therapy Services in addition to appointments in our Webster, NY clinic. 

Click below to see if these services are right for you!

Start here with Neural-Priming

Neural priming readies our nervous system for learning and change.  This amplifies the effects of rehabilitation.  Use these videos prior to the monthly PT video or prior to your workouts at home.

Modified Seated


Physical Therapy Video

Enjoy evidence-based exercise videos in the comfort of your own home. These exercises were designed specifically for the Ataxia diagnosis.
Each month we will offer a new video upload.

Wellness 360 now offers Mobile Physical Therapy

click below to learn more

Rate of Perceived Stability


 Rate of Perceived

If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you! 

To make improvements in your balance you need to be working in a zone that promotes change. 

In other words, you need to get a little bit UN-balanced to see improvements in your balance. 

You can use the scale to the left to gauge how challenging the exercises are for you. Ideally, you want to work in a mildly to moderately unbalanced state.  It's ok if you feel wobbly; just be safe! Have a caregiver nearby or place yourself near a wall or sturdy piece of furniture so you can regain your balance if needed.  

If you aren't sure how to safely make an exercise more challenging, email us for suggestions!

Contact Us

Bonus Material

Gait Belt

Wellness 360

Join Nicole Lazafame, PT, DPT, and Tara Moore, PT, DPT as they discuss why you would use a gait belt and how to properly use a gait belt.

Wellness 360 now offers Mobile Physical Therapy

Click below for more details

Quad Cane

Wellness 360

Join Tara Moore, PT, DPT as she discusses what a quad cane is, who should use it, how to fit a quad cane to your size, and how to properly use it

Wellness 360 now offers Mobile Physical Therapy

Click below for more details

Walker Use

Join Tara Moore, PT, DPT as she discusses how to correctly use a walker, size a walker, and break down a standard and front-wheeled walker.

Wellness 360 now offers Mobile Physical Therapy evidence-based exercises in the comfort of your own home.

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