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Massage Therapy

Shauni Ruetz

Shauni Ruetz, LMT

Shauni Ruetz, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Shauni graduated from the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage.  She is also a Recording Artist signed with Baseline HQ management company. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theater with a Dance Minor from the University of Northern Colorado.  Before coming back to her roots, she lived in NYC, where she recorded in the studio for new musical theater original cast albums, was a part of new musicals from the ground up, and performed in many vocal competitions, as well as producing her own debut show for her single, "Brave Girl". She is on Spotify and feels so lucky to be able to live out both of her passions at once. 


Shauni specializes in deep tissue massage and focuses on treatment-based massage with a Swedish foundation.  With Shauni’s background in music, theater, and dance, she has a unique connection with musculature and movement. All things healing have been a part of Shauni’s life for decades, whether it be performance or physical touch.


Shauni is passionate about wellness, music, performing, art, and living a healthy, positive lifestyle. Connecting with clients and creating a safe space to explore optimum wellness on a case-by-case basis is what she strives for. Shauni is so excited to join the Wellness 360 team and can’t wait to learn, as well as bring her creativity into such a wonderful space.


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