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Parkinson's Dance

Parkinson's Dance

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Dance for PD is an internationally-acclaimed program that offers research-backed dance classes for people with Parkinson’s disease online, in New York City, and through our network of partners and associates in more than 300 other communities in 28 countries.

Dance for PD® wants people with Parkinson’s around the world to enjoy and benefit from specialized live and virtual dance instruction. Our values of accessibility, inclusion, compassion and artistic quality permeate everything we do.

We nurture ongoing collaborations among people with Parkinson’s, care partners, dance organizations and health professionals to provide transformative, life-enhancing opportunities that celebrate creativity, community, movement and music.

Class Details

Day: Tuesdays and Fridays

Time:  10:45 am - 12 pm

Location:  Wellness 360 on University (Inside  CHPT)

Evaluation:  Yes, an initial evaluation is required

Wellness + On-Demand

Wellness 360 patients take advantage of our videos which can be accessed on their own personal time schedules - - on-demand! These videos are evidence-based based and a plus is the fact that they require minimal equipment to execute the exercises.

How to Schedule an Evaluation

Do you accept insurance for the classes?

No, Wellness 360 does not accept insurance for our group fitness classes.  These classes are affordable cash-based programs.

An initial evaluation IS required for most of our classes.  Your insurance plan will cover this initial evaluation.  Cash-based options are available. 

How do I schedule my initial evaluation

You can schedule in 3 easy ways! 

Give us a call at 585-259-0782.

Email us at

Fill out our contact form.

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