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Physical therapy

Wellness Session with a PT

Wellness Session with a PT

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When you have been diagnosed with a chronic or progressive condition like Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis (M.S.), osteoporosis, etc., your doctor recommends you begin physical therapy to help maintain your function, slow progression, and keep symptoms at bay. You find a physical therapist you love, making functional gains and feeling great! But suddenly, you run out of visits covered by your insurance and have to stop going. This happens all the time and can be extremely frustrating! This is why Wellness 360 has developed our Wellness Session with a Physical Therapist.  

Wellness sessions are 1-on-1 cash-based appointments with licensed physical therapists/physical therapy assistants. This service is available to utilize after your physical therapy benefits have been exhausted. Why would you use a wellness visit?

Why would you choose Wellness Sessions? 

  • Those who have exhausted their insurance benefits

  • Those with a progressive disease diagnosis (Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Post-Stroke, Bariatric etc)

  • Those who do not enjoy a group fitness setting or can not make our class time

  • Those who do not have insurance coverage

Cost of Wellness Session?

We offer multiple options for our Wellness Sessions based on the client's needs and goals.  

  • 30-minute Wellness Session ............  $50

  • 45-minute Wellness Session ...........  $75

  • 45- minute Home Visit Wellness Session ............ $125

How to Schedule an Appointment

How do I schedule? 

You can schedule in 3 easy ways! 

Give us a call at 585-259-0782 (Webster)

Or 585-482-5060 (University Ave)

Email us at

Fill out our contact form.

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