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Whether you are new to working out, experiencing pain while performing your daily activities, need modifications to perform certain exercises, or you are looking for an exercise program which targets people with your diagnosis, Wellness 360 is your resource!

Setting short-term goals will be one of your success factors as you accept the MOVE challenge. Consistency is another success factor to incorporate into your workout.

Physical Therapy

Our one-on-one Physical Therapy is used to promote safe and effective movement, with appropriate modifications. Insurance based Physical Therapy can launch you forward as you manage your Bariatric diagnosis. Your treatment plan will be evidence based on your diagnosis, goals, and lifestyle. We offer two locations of choice: Webster and Rochester. Our wellness consultation is available via Zoom, if desired.

Group Fitness Classes

Our classes at Wellness 360 will support you through your short-term goals and get you moving along your fitness journey. We offer education, modifications, and exercise instruction. These classes are cash based, outside the coverage of insurance.

Wellness + Videos On-Demand

Prefer a more private space for exercising? Try our Wellness + Videos On-Demand - - on your time, at your place of choice. Videos are a resource for self-motivated clients to ensure consistency in their exercise schedule.

We look forward to your expression of interest about how we can support you through your Bariatric management.

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