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Mobile outpatient physical therapy services are now available in Monroe Co, and Ontario, NY.  These services allow the option to do your physical therapy service in the comfort of your own home.  Sometimes, getting to the clinic is difficult, but regardless of the reason, we can come to you.  Our specialized therapist can come to your home and offer the same great exercises that would be available to you in our Webster or Rochester Clinic.

Mobile outpatient services can be billed through your insurance, just like an in-clinic visit.  You do NOT need a referral to utilize this service.  This is covered by the direct access health care law. You can be seen for 30 days before a prescription is required from your doctor. We keep the doctor in the loop right after the first visit and take care of the communication for you.

What are the benefits of being seen at my house instead of the clinic?

  • Sometimes the biggest complaint people have is function at home. There is no better way to improve on daily activities than practicing the actual activity, in your own environment, with live feedback from your PT.

  • Travel can be difficult. If you are not comfortable making the drive to us, let us make the drive for you!

  • If you are trying to get into a routine at home with equipment you already own, let us come see what you have and develop a program for you.

Meet Specialized Mobile PT Therapist

Wellness 360
Kristen Trottier, PT
Steve Spencer, PT, DPT

Kristen Trottier, PT

Steve Spencer, PT, DPT

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