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Massage Therapy

Shawn Thompson


Shawn Thompson, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Shawn is at our University Ave, Rochester location. With almost 15 years of experience in massage therapy,  Shawn specializes in trigger point therapy and the treatment of migraines; Shawn has helped countless clients find relief from chronic pain and achieve greater overall well-being.


Beyond his expertise in massage therapy, Shawn is also a seasoned musician and singer-songwriter, bringing a creative and intuitive approach to his therapeutic work. Inspired by the rhythm and harmony of both music and nature, he integrates these elements into his healing sessions, fostering a holistic approach to wellness.


When he's not in the treatment room, you can often find Shawn meditating in nature, out on his stand-up paddleboard, or in his practice of Communication Coaching helping others to find balance and tranquility in nature and life—a philosophy that permeates his therapeutic practice.


Join Shawn T. on a journey to wellness and relief through personalized massage therapy sessions that blend skill, compassion, and a passion for healing.

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