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Our Physical Therapists work within the guidance of the Parkinson's Wellness Recovery method (PWR). This method is a series of exercises designed to break down functional tasks into smaller pieces that the body can relearn. The movements focus on:

  • Restoring upright posture

  • Decreasing rigidity

  • Improving weight shifting to improve balance

  • Improving the body's ability to take a large and effective step when turning

Our specialized therapists are certified PWR Moves Therapists. If you are having difficulty with daily tasks at home or just want to move throughout your day with greater ease, give Wellness 360 a call to schedule your PWR evaluation!

PWR! Moves Certified Therapists

Wellness 360
Lindsay Perez, MSPT
Nicole Lanzafame, PT, DPT
Tara Moore, PT, DPT
Steve Spencer, PT, DPT

How to Schedule an Appointment

Do you accept insurance?

Wellness 360 does accept most insurance plans. Your financial responsibility will be dependent on your insurance plan. Wellness 360 will call and confirm your financial responsibility before your treatment. 


Do I need a script from my Medical Doctor?  

No, in most cases, you do not need a script from your Doctor to set up your initial evaluation for PT. In NY, you are allowed ten visits or up to 1 month of PT visits without a script. This is called Direct Access. We will be in direct communication with your Doctor about your treatments. In some cases, you will need a script. Please call 585-259-0782 to find out if you can participate in Direct Access.  

How do I schedule? 

You can schedule in 3 easy ways! 

Give us a call at 585-259-0782 (Webster)

Or 585-482-5060 (University Ave)

Email us at

Fill out our contact form.

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