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Caregivers Guide: Bed Mobility

Caregiving can be exhausting. When evening arrives, rest is the best medicine to restore and renew your mind and body. Here are some tips to make your bedtime routine less stressful.

Tip #1: Use satin sheets. Bed mobility can be tough. Getting in and out of bed can be difficult with those who may not have the strength or cognitive ability to move in bed. Satin sheets can make getting in and out of bed easier.

Tip #2: Purchase nightlights that activate by motion for your bedroom. That way when you get up to go to the restroom, you will be able to see.

Tip #3: A bedrail helps a person to pull him/herself out of bed. Bed rails are great to adjust your position in bed, help yourself out of bed, and lower yourself into bed independently.

TIp #4: Bathroom breaks! If your husband or wife gets up several times during the night to urinate, it goes a lot faster if you help him stand at the side of the bed and use a portable urinal. You'll get back to bed in 3-4 minutes vs 10-15 minutes.

Tip #5: Regular rise time and bedtime—by doing this every day, you can help your internal clock by providing regular cues, thereby improving your sleep-wake cycle. Consistency can be beneficial in getting to sleep faster and reduce the number of nighttime awakenings.

Try out these tips to help you and your loved one get the sleep you both need. If you have any additional tips that you would like to share about caring for your loved one please contact


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