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Making the Right Resolution

The New Year is upon us. Almost every New Year's starts with a resolution. We beckon

our willpower and vow to make drastic changes to our current lives. According to

statistics, around 80% of the population will fall back into their old patterns by February.

One reason that our resolutions fail is our goals do not follow our desires. We tend to

fall into the social norms trap. We use social media as our gauge to happiness. We

strive to be thinner, wealthier, fitter, and we strive to climb the all-American ladder.

We jump on fad diets and buy gym memberships only to gain the weight back or injure

ourselves in the process. This can be both frustrating and disappointing. Setting resolutions is a great way to stay motivated and improve our physical and mental well-

being. Still, there is a better way to set yourself up for success this new year by embracing the now and becoming healthier in the process.

Let's begin by redefining our understanding of true happiness. Too often, we spend our time searching for happiness through external sources. "When I get this promotion" or "When I lose 10 lbs, I will be happy." Happiness should not be a goal. True happiness is

a state of living on purpose and finding pleasure in the simple things of life. These things are all around us and in the now. We are a goal-driven society. As soon as we hit our goal, we move on to another. If we are too focused on the feeling of the end game, we miss the joys found along the journey. Research suggests that happiness has many

health benefits. It can improve your physical health; improve your cardiovascular

health, the immune system, decrease inflammation levels, and blood pressure, among

other things. So lesson one, practice happiness on purpose, now!

What is the real intention behind your resolutions? "I want to lose 10lbs". Why? What magical thing will happen in 10 lbs? Will you feel better? Look better? Most goals boil down to emotions. Start by writing down your resolution. Then write "so that ..." This helps us to define the emotional importance behind your resolution. By articulating why

the resolution matters to you, you understand the fullness of the resolution's intentions. This will keep you motivated, even thru the surprises and setbacks you're likely to experience. Bring your goal into focus by answering a few questions. Who am I doing this for? Is this goal achievable or realistic? Am I passionate about this change? What time frame am I hoping to achieve this goal? These questions put your goal into a better focus making lifestyle changes more achievable.

Now, let’s build your plan and create lifestyle habits that support your goal. A dream without a plan is just a wish! A lifestyle change takes time, consistency, and daily practice for lasting results. Remember your success is the sum of small efforts. Changing your habits will come with building more awareness, changing your surroundings, and reviewing your relationships. It is essential to be aware of your body, your emotions, and your triggers. You can achieve this by adopting a daily meditation practice, journaling, or having "check-ins" with yourself. The environment you surround yourself in can either propel you forward or set you back in your journey toward success. Spend time noticing how you feel around certain people or locations. Are you energized and inspired, or are you feeling run down and depressed? You will want to make the appropriate changes to your surroundings to support your goals, including who, what, and where you spend your time. Finding the right support team is essential when making lifestyle changes. There is, unfortunately, a lot of "fads" out there, including getting rich quick scams, false fitness, and nutrition advice. When making a lifestyle change, find a professional that can support your journey toward positive

change. Not everyone is out to see you succeed. Making change can be difficult, so

invest in yourself!

Making resolutions is a great way to bring in the new year! Just bring awareness to your intentions. Real growth happens when we understand whom and what best supports our own needs. Then we align ourselves with those people and places that do. You do not need to chase down the secret to happiness; it is already here. You just have to change your focus. When you align your resolutions with your passion, you will be part of the unstoppable 20% that succeed at making lasting change. The Wellness 360 teams

wish you a healthy and prosperous 2021! If you're ready to make a lasting commitment

to yourself and your health, check us out at Full circle

wellness for YOU!



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