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Day #24: Do something you love today

Sometimes we are so focused on our final goals, and we forget to enjoy the journey. Have you ever been on vacation and dreaded the 10-hour trip to get there? Skipping rest stops, driving through the night to get to your destination? Have you heard this before "As soon as I lose 10lbs, I will be so happy." "If I meet this deadline, I will be thrilled." There is nothing wrong with having goals. Goals are healthy! But is our life nothing more than living goal to goal? What about the area in-between? Think about your life as a whole. Most of our life happens in the "in-between." If you are so focused on the final goals, you will wake up and realize your life has flown-by. I will give you some great tips to help you enjoy your journey and still hit your goals! Yes, you can have the best of both worlds!

Happiness comes from within.

Happiness does NOT come from external sources. If you are looking for happiness in anything other than yourself, you will be disappointed. External sources can give you a false sense of joy for a short time, but it is only temporary. You can create more positive energy in your life by surrounding yourself with positive practices like yoga, tai chi, etc. You can also start a meditation practice. The more aware of your thoughts and your body's reaction to stress, the more you can make changes. If you have deep-rooted anger or resentments, seek professional help. You need to be able to find true peace and happiness from within.

Enjoy what you do.

Think about your goals. You want to lose 10lbs, but you HATE exercise. You are more apt to be miserable during the journey. You can still lose 10lbs, take the pressure off yourself. Find the things you love to do! There are many ways to lose weight; It does not have to be mainstream fad diets. Make healthier choices and move forward one step at a time. This can translate into any goal in your life. Make small lifestyle changes and enjoy them! Think about your job. Do you enjoy going to work? Or are you in a constant state of aggravation? If you are passionate about your job, everything will fall into place. If you need to seek out the work you enjoy. You may have to make some changes in how you live; however, loving your job will bring you more gratitude. In the end, this will have a more significant benefit in your health, in your relationships, and will translate into your day to day life!

Practice gratitude

Realize every moment in life is a blessing. We are not promised any particular time on this earth. But I can promise you that the kids will grow up, the seasons and your relationships will change. Be grateful for every moment we have here. Think for just a moment of the end game. Reflecting on your life. You will remember the times you spent building relationships, loving your family, and the fun memories you shared. Studies show that practicing gratitude can improve your health, strengthen your resilience to life's stressors, and impact your experience in many positive ways.

Remember, the journey is where we spend most of our foot in front of another. So today, we are going to enjoy the journey. Take the day and make some new memories knowing that the journey is where our true growth is found.


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