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Day #3 Trigger point massage

Muscle knots or "trigger points" can cause an excessive amount of discomfort and potentially cause chronic pain. You may have a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia or Myofascial pain syndrome, but even the healthiest of people can have trigger point muscle pain. Many things can cause this type of discomfort, overuse, posture, injury, etc. The goal of tennis ball massage is to achieve a “release” by applying just the right amount of pressure to release the muscle tension.


Here are some tips:

1. Warm-up the area beforehand with some dynamic stretches or a gentle walk.

2. When you find a point of tension, hold the ball in place. Keep the pressure sustained on that point without pain, some discomfort is expected.

3. Hold for 20-30 seconds and breathe deeply. 

4. Move the ball to the next position and repeat.

Shoulder blade

Place a tennis ball in a sock and lower it along the border of your shoulder blade. Hold for 20-30 seconds

Foot release

Place Tennis ball under the arch of your foot. Move ball in small circles and rock your foot back and forth on the ball for 20-30 seconds. Repeat on other side

Glute Release

Place a tennis ball under your glute while sitting. Gently put more pressure down and hold 20-30 sec. Repeat on the other side..

Occipital Ridge Release

While lying on your back, place the tennis ball at the base of your skull. Gently relax as the ball places pressure at the bottom ridge of your skull. Hold 30 seconds or until it feels right.


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