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Day #10: Morning stretching routine

Oh, those achy joints in the morning. Your back is stiff, your feet hurt, and those cracks and pops in your joints. Why does your body hurt so bad in the morning but feel better once you get moving? Chances are you have developed a nice case of arthritis. Arthritis is not necessarily a bad thing. Arthritis comes with an injury, repetitive motion, age, or general wear and tear in your body. Arthritis affects your joints. You have multiple joints in your body, even between every vertebra in your spine. When you are at rest these joints can stiffen because you are not getting the appropriate lubrication that is needed. As long as your stiffness is coming from a non-inflammatory issue, gentle stretching in the morning may be all that you need to get your joints lubricated and ready for the day. As always, talk to your doctor if your pain starts to interfere with your day to day life. Here are a few great stretches you can do right in bed before your feet hit the floor.

Hamstring Stretch

Ankle Pumps


Piriformis stretch

Make these stretches a routine every morning and see how your feel!


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