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Day #16: Eating for your Bone Health

When it comes to bone health, you need more than just your calcium to keep those bones healthy. If your drinking milk and taking a calcium supplement, you may be doing more harm than good. Studies show that women had a 150% higher risk of heart attack if using 500mg/day supplement along with high dietary intake. Some multiple vitamins and minerals work together to keep those bones strong. Taking one without the other does not properly support your bone health. Let's start by listing some things that are depleting your bones.

  1. Chronic Stress

  2. Eating too much protein

  3. hormone imbalance

  4. High dairy intake

  5. High sugar and caffeine intake

  6. Sedentary Lifestyle

So let's talk about the vitamins and minerals needed to keep your bones healthy and strong.

1. Calcium: The best way to get your calcium is through leafy greens, nuts, & seeds.

2. Vitamin D: Needed for calcium absorption in the bones. You can get your vitamin D through soaking up those sun rays. Just not too long, 10 minutes is sufficed.

3. Magnesium: Pulls calcium from the blood into the bones.

4. Vitamin K: Activates the binding protein to hold mineral in bones

5. Protein: Makes the collagen framework of the bone. Too much causes acidity in the body, which causes calcium to be lost in the urine.

When talking about supplements, it is best to get your nutrients through the food you eat. Always check with your doctor before making changes to your lifestyle; however, knowledge is power. Leafy green veggies contain a multitude of vitamins and minerals that work together to provide your body with just the right blend of nutrients. With supplements, you are only getting a portion of what is needed for absorption. Taking a high dose of supplements could potentially be toxic to your body. So eat your veggies, eat your veggies (the greener the better), and supplement only when needed.


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