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Day #28: Choose Kindness

Many negative things surround us. It seems like everywhere we turn, there is irritation or strife. We are so quick to react to life's situations with anger and outrage. From horns honking, to mumbling under your breath, we can not escape the negativity. How can we make a difference? Studies have shown that putting others' well-being before our own stimulates the reward centers of the brain. Kindness is defined as acts of generosity, consideration, or concern for others, without expecting praise or reward. So that means that giving kindness makes you happy. A key contributor to a healthy life is the act of kindness. There are multiple benefits to being kind, decreased depression, improved cognitive impairment, reduced pain, and lower blood pressure. So let's discuss different ways you can spread kindness.

  • Say hello to a stranger

  • Pay for the order behind you

  • Let someone in front of you in traffic.

  • Send a handwritten letter to a friend

  • Buy someone a coffee

  • Put your shopping cart away

  • Compliment a stranger

  • Forgive someone a debt

  • say "I am sorry."

  • Simply smile

Kindness for others is essential, but kindness for yourself is just as important. What are the words you use with yourself? Are they uplifting and kind, or are they critical? Sometimes self-kindness is the hardest thing we can do. We do not feel deserving. Do not confuse high self-esteem with self-kindness. Self-kindness does not feel you are superior to others. It is loving your self unconditionally, flaws, and all. Be kind, and forgive yourself. To quote the Dalai Lama, "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." We can create a ripple effect, one person at a time. Give it a try, pay it forward, and see how you feel!


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