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Day #29: Strong muscles = Strong bones

There are so many benefits to having strong muscles. Did you know that having strong muscles keeps your bones strong? The more muscle mass you have, the stronger your bones will be—our bone density peaks at age 30. As we age from there, we tend to lose both muscle mass and bone density. Decreased bone density up to 30% is entirely normal, especially after menopause. If you already have an osteoporosis diagnosis strengthening your muscles an improve your bone health. Strength training exercises are one of the best ways to combat osteoporosis. It also enhances your coordination, balance, and lead to better overall health. You do not have to hit the heavyweights to see the benefits of strength training. You can gain the same benefits from using gravity, body weight, and resistance bands. Any exercise against gravity improves bone health, including hiking, walking, dancing, and stairs. Unfortunately, swimming and bike riding are not the best choices for your bone health. They are, however, great for cardiovascular health and endurance. Here are some great ways to improve your strength and bone density in the comfort of your own home.


Push-ups modified


While exercising is great for your muscles and bones, an osteoporosis diagnosis should change how you are working out. There are risks involved in working out with an Osteoporosis diagnosis. Multiple positions can make your spine more susceptible to fracture. Wellness 360 has one of the only exercise programs explicitly written for the Osteoporosis diagnosis. You will build strength, balance, improve your posture, and coordination safely and effectively.


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