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Day #30: Get your Vitamin D

Did you know that vitamin D is a hormone, not a vitamin? Vitamin D is one of the most deficient hormones in the body. Roughly 3 out of 4 people are deficient in this vitamin. Without vitamin D, your body is not capable of absorbing calcium, causing bone loss. Some additional benefits of vitamin D are:

  • Improves bone health

  • Stronger teeth

  • supports the immune system

  • Improves your mood

  • supports the nervous system and brain

Your body converts vitamin D for your body via the sun. The sun needs to hit the skin directly. Vitamin D deficiency can be caused by using sunscreen, the time of day, where you live, and your lifestyle. This does not mean to go outside all day without sunscreen, 10 minutes a day of direct sunlight is enough. There are blood tests that your doctor can give you to see if you are deficient. Vitamin D deficiency signs and symptoms are muscle aches and pains, depression, low immune system, general malaise, stress fractures, muscle weakness, and fatigue. While some foods are fortified with Vitamin D, this is not a great way to get your fill. These foods, including:

  • salmon

  • sardines

  • egg yolk

  • shrimp

  • milk (fortified)

  • cereal (fortified)

  • yogurt (fortified)

  • orange juice (fortified)

Always speak with your doctor before supplementing any vitamin. Supplement only when deficient. Get outside and soak up the rays but only for a very limited time!


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