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Day #8 Unplug for at least an hour a day

Technology has some wonderful benefits, however, it can bring our bodies into a state of system overload. We have developed an unhealthy attachment to our devices causing increased stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that multitasking with your electronic device can have damaging effects on the brain. Multitasking is defined as rapidly switching from one task to another. Bouncing between our emails and our text messages, bouncing from TV to computer, or scanning your social media while watching tv. We are immersed in multitasking without even realizing it! We can not imagine NOT doing it! But how would we get things done? Studies show that we are more productive when we are not multitasking. Our brains are not built to do more than one thing at a time. Living this way will negatively affect our mental performance, stress levels, and our general wellbeing, causing us to live in a chronic state of stress. Living in a chronic state of stress is connected to 90% of all doctor visits. So take control of your health....hit the off button a few hours a day!

Benefits of turning off your electronic devices

  • Improves your sleep

  • helps your communication skills

  • Decreases overall stress

  • Decreases your worry

  • Open to more opportunities

  • Helps you stay focused

  • Increases your overall health


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