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Day #9 Making the most of your home gym.

Not everyone has the funds to buy the expensive equipment required to workout at home, Maybe you have been sucked into the infomercials and have a stack of affordable fad equipment collecting dust in your basements. The good news is that you can workout from home with minimal equipment. If you wish to purchase equipment, you can buy as little as a few resistance bands and a stability ball. Watch Lindsay Perez, MSPT discuss some fun ways to reinvent your daily household items into exercise equipment.

There are some safety concerns when working out at home. Here is a checklist to keep you safe!

  1. 1. Push back furniture. There is nothing worse than getting a coffee table to the shin.

  2. Clear the clutter. Your animal's toys, rugs, magazines...etc Pick it up. It's not worth hurting yourself

  3. Always have a phone handy. If you happen to fall, you want to have something nearby to be able to contact someone for help.

  4. Wear appropriate shoes. Not slippers or slide-on's. Wear shoes that tie.

  5. If you are using a chair for modifications, make sure it is on a no-slip surface or pressed up against a wall.

If you are needing more guidance with your at-home workout, checkout our Wellness 360 + Online Programs. If you are needing more support or encouragement, check out our studio classes via zoom. Either way, you can enjoy the benefits of evidence-based exercises written and led by physical therapists.


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